Bamboozled by a candle flicker,

betrothed to the lost soul,

baffled by vexing hindrances,

beseeched for baseless solutions,

boxed by dying dreams,

becoming the lost cause….



” We should always strive to be an eagle and not a parrot. A parrot talks too much but cannot find the will to fly high. An eagle is silent but can fly high enough to touch the sky. “

– Anonymous


” The more we chase a butterfly, the more it will run away from us. But if we stay still, we won’t even know when the butterfly has landed on our shoulder.

What is intended for us will always find a way of time to come back to us.”

– Krittica Bharadwaj.

3.2.1Quote Me- Hope

Hello everyone, well I am very thrilled as I have been nominated by my fellow blogger, Ashish Kumar, for this quote challenge. This is my first quote challenge, so I am anxiously excited about it. Ashish is an extraordinary writer who writes on a wide variety of topics. His blog ‘ashish-vision’ is truly inspiring, captivating and promises worth. Here is the link to his blog.


  1. Thank the selector.
  2. Post two quotes for the dedicated topic of the day.
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Here are two of my favorite quotes that I love. Whenever life pulls me down, these lines help me get back on the track of life.

Quote 1.

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Quote 2.

“The one who can go too far can only find out how far one can go.

-T.S. Elliot

Here are the bloggers that I have nominated for the challenge.


Feel free to participate and have fun!

Glee on Flee

Soothing as the sea,

my mind’s a freaking bee.

Tall as the shady tree,

my world on a daunting spree.

These thoughts on a gyrating dance,

bamboozled by the slight glance.

All that is privileged is a chance,

for this baffling emotion, romance.

My security..

You are always in a mood of thrill

you have a good capacity of drill.

The essence of your every ruth,

is no lesser than the ultimate truth.

The way you merrily cannot make jokes,

is the same way you impress blokes.

The more you get older,

The more you become bolder.

Rest assured, my security,

above all tasks, your first priority.

In my life, you are the ladder,

because you are my lovely father.