Why does a kid run all restless?
when it’s knees bear uncountable bruises.

Why does it try to make so many friends?
when it can hold hands with only two at a time.

Why does a teenager grieve over it’s acne?
when a smile is enough to make it pretty.

Why is a student hungry for grades?
when those letters may not make a roof for shade.

Why does a man chase after money?
when he is wrinkling after every penny.

Why does a woman have to quit her occupation?
just to fulfill her family’s satisfaction.

Why do we strive to be better than yesterday?
when we know we can never be the best.


Why don’t you know a sedative so perfect?
that will make me forget all you expect.
Am I imitating you or are you inspiring me?
Are you never gonna be what I aspire to be?

Self inflicted pain is your sole endurance,
though in this resilience, I see no assurance.
Are my dismal eyes holding you back?
or is it a confidential companion that I lack?

Why do you feel so choked with no
even when I know there’s green
beneath and blue aloof.
It’s not easy, questioning you on a mirror,
When at the end, we are the same with a tormenting error.


Never been flinched by a feeling of perish,
craving only for memories to cherish.

When esteemed words change their
dimensions. only circumstances carve their executions.

Who thought being negative,
would be every pounding heart’s motive.
Now prayer is only for life; not for salt,
an invisible evil brings the hustle to halt.

Normal is the distancing from a pretentious neighbour.
Possible is mankind’s break from labour.
No longer on keypads; stuck are the eyes,
siblings are talking to faces; where the fun lies.

End is the time of crystals and gowns,
mighty world gasping at Nature’s frown.

Where did we go wrong in our land?
the air we live for; masked by our own hand.


In the dark of the night, coping with the absence of light.
Wishing for a future so bright,
too faint to sleep tight.

Don’t feel the way,
as the world wants me to sway.
Try to swim along a still bay,
‘All in vain’, a common say.

Sore from the expectation, shuffling pages for cooperation.

Anxiety, the inevitable manifestation,
of some vile fulfilling obligation.


Have I forgotten to smell the flowers?

while my self obsessed curiosity wildly glowers.

Do I still see the sky in blue?

or paint my faint memories with glue.

Will the withered leaves ever become a giver?

or do I have to breathe in ashes of some dead river?

The beauty of a mildly blossomed landscape,

has long made it’s screeching escape.

The lost nature has made it’s atonement,

for the crime of providing such generous enjoyment.

Untold Love

See, stop, stare, isn’t he cute?

when you meet him, don’t be a mute.

Your shy body might be the reason,

fling in the air might be off-season.

The time with her, don’t miss out a moment,

After every blush, leave in a comment.

Kiss in the rain, lips so precious,

Some untold love, it’s beauty so luscious.


It has been 4 months since I first started writing in WordPress. The response I have gotten is massive and as a result I have got 100 followers and 1000 likes on my posts.

This has been an incredible journey and I am so glad for all my supporters as you have made this satisfaction possible. Thank you for all your comments and suggestions and I hope you will keep them coming in all my future posts. And I hope to do the same for you.

Loads of love to all!!!