Have I forgotten to smell the flowers?

while my self obsessed curiosity wildly glowers.

Do I still see the sky in blue?

or paint my faint memories with glue.

Will the withered leaves ever become a giver?

or do I have to breathe in ashes of some dead river?

The beauty of a mildly blossomed landscape,

has long made it’s screeching escape.

The lost nature has made it’s atonement,

for the crime of providing such generous enjoyment.

Untold Love

See, stop, stare, isn’t he cute?

when you meet him, don’t be a mute.

Your shy body might be the reason,

fling in the air might be off-season.

The time with her, don’t miss out a moment,

After every blush, leave in a comment.

Kiss in the rain, lips so precious,

Some untold love, it’s beauty so luscious.


It has been 4 months since I first started writing in WordPress. The response I have gotten is massive and as a result I have got 100 followers and 1000 likes on my posts.

This has been an incredible journey and I am so glad for all my supporters as you have made this satisfaction possible. Thank you for all your comments and suggestions and I hope you will keep them coming in all my future posts. And I hope to do the same for you.

Loads of love to all!!!