Do We?

Do we not regret some things we wished when we were teenagers?

The kindergarten “best friend” that we thought to be the one friend, did that friendship last through middle school?

The quadratic equations that we were excited to learn in 4th standard, did that same zeal follow us through high school?

The college that we always dreamt about in 6th standard, did we finally get into that “dream” college?

The boy that we fell “in love” with in the high school sports week, did we end up with him after high school?

The way we used to hold our parents’ hand in a traffic market, do we even have the time to look at their eyes and talk?

The way we wished to grow up soon when we were 13, do we not wish to go back to being 13?

14 thoughts on “Do We?

  1. At the end of the day, what we all wish for is to feel useful and respected. What is freedom then? is it the power to live as one wishes? The answer to “Do We”? Might be said as “Opportunities for what we wish for is everywhere, the key is to develop the vision to see them and make those wishes happen”…Good writing 👍🏻🙂

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  2. Wait until you are at least 60. The way we see things changes enormously. Some troubles become completely meaningless. We sometimes have to wonder: how was it possible to cry and be worried about some things. Time passes, it takes away useless thoughts and worries and cures the other ones. Distance in time is great way to later decide whether some person or event was worth worrying or not.

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      1. Its nly possible when we see the children around us living freely… We see our lifes in them, may be thats y we loved them unconditionally as they are our reflections.. 😇

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