” We should always strive to be an eagle and not a parrot. A parrot talks too much but cannot find the will to fly high. An eagle is silent but can fly high enough to touch the sky. “

– Anonymous



” The more we chase a butterfly, the more it will run away from us. But if we stay still, we won’t even know when the butterfly has landed on our shoulder.

What is intended for us will always find a way of time to come back to us.”

– Krittica Bharadwaj.


“If we know that we are temporary on this earth, then what makes us think that our problems are permanent?”

“What are we really afraid of? ………… Losing to our ambitious better side or losing to our contemptuous ego?”

-Krittica Bharadwaj.


“Even the biggest star in our solar system cannot shine 24 hours. It needs 12 hours off to be bright in the next 12.

So next time you fail to be perfect, take a break, lie down and give yourself some time so that you are well ready to make the next dime.”

– Krittica Bharadwaj